Guppy Keeping And Breeding

Guppy Types

This will take a while, so you may want to check back every now and then. I'll also post on our FB page (under 'contact us') when I've added something new to the site! I can only post pictures of fish I own, or pictures you own with your permission, so it will be a while. Lotsoffish also has a page on their site for guppies, showing pictures of their RREA(Red Red Eye Albino), Red Moscow, Red Snakeskin, Japanese Blue Swordtail, French Marigolds,(possibly more after I say this) 

Its also important to remember that names of strains will vary from country to country as well as breeder to breeder. But, I will attempt to address the basics to the best of my knowledge.

Different Markings

 Breeders have been so successful with breeding ANY color into a guppy, that to limit any type of strain to a color would be...well...impossible, so I'll list the most well known.

Most of this info is pulled off of Fancyguppy. Gotta give them credit. :)

Grass guppies have fine black dots on their caudal and dorsal fin resembling grass seeds.

Snakeskin guppies have a chain-like pattern on 90% of their body and fins.

Lace guppies have a fine, web-like pattern than snakeskin guppies.

Leopard guppies  spots that look similar to rosettes can cover the tail and/or body.

 Mosaic guppies have spots/chain patterning on the tail which is interconnected to form an irregular pattern.

Moscow guppies- They are know as the "chameleon guppy" because their color changes shades depending on their mood.

One of the 'defining' characteristics is whether or not the color going through the body also reaches its head.

They can be many colors, such as red, black, blue, green, and purple, and they can be combined with other strains. The Moscow gene is X linked.

Half-black (abbreviated as HB) also known as Tuxedo guppies. The upper have of the body has a light coloring (usually white or yellow) while the main part of the body is darker, usually dark blue/purple/black. Well known crosses of this include, but are not exlusive to: HB Grass(Crossed to a Japanese Grass), HB Moscow(Crossed to a Moscow), HB Red(Crossed to a Full Red)

Black AOC

Now, this is a beautiful strain, and no picture I can take will ever do it justice. The male has a pure black body, except for rainbow color flecks on his tail. This is where the 'AOC' comes in. It means Any Other Color. So, its not always rainbow. Sometimes it can be flecks of any other color as well. I obtained my AOC from Pete Mang (who is, by the way, just awesome), who got them from Ol'Conrad for me, though he also keeps a strain of his own. I'm going to link his video of them, and also put a pic of mine below.


Below is one of the pics that I noticed Pete has given permission to use! Yay for quality pictures!

As you can see, the females of this strain have straight up black fins, but a few of mine have some color in them too!


The female below is a HB(half black) Mosaic. I couldn't really find a description on a Mosaic, but to my understanding the males have a sort of mix of dotting and chain-linkage on their tails.



This is one of those 'varying' types. The one below is a snakeskin with a solid red tail.



Below are what most people consider Moscows. I don't personally think of the solid Reds as Moscow, but here you go!



And Black



These are solid Pastels. But you can sometimes find some 'AOC' leopards in Pastel as well.

 These pastels can be bred with Blue Moscows and the fry will come out more vibrant on both sides.


This is what I consider to be a Mosaic, but everyone has their own opinions of it. Some say cobra, some just say gosh!


Japanese Grass

...I made a whole page for them, simply for the complexity of the strain.